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 We can receive up to 30 channels and provide bands with up to nine mixes on stage.
We run a combination of HK Audio, Electrovoice and Bose L1 Systems depending on venue size.
Analog equipment such as real spring reverbs and tape delays feature in our FX rack.

If you require any items you don’t see here please just ask and we will do our best to arrange it as part of your hire.


Shure SM58x• AKG D40 • AKG D112 • Shure Beta 91 • Sennheisser e606 • Sennheisser e604 • Electrovoice RE-20 • Electrovoice ND767a • Beyerdynamic M201 • Beyerdynamic M88 • AKG D440 • AKG C451x3 • AKG C414 • Calrec CM1050 • AKG D224E



Allen and Heath QU24



HK Audio L5 LTS-A and L Sub 4000-A


Effects and other equipment:

DBX 160Ax4 • Vestafire RV2 Spring Reverb • Alesis Microverb 4 • Alesis Wedge Reverb • Watkins Copicat Mk IV



Tannoy T12s (with Electrovoice SB122 sub on drum monitor) / Bose L1 sidefills

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Allen and Heath PA Equipment

Some of our gear just happens to feature as the FOH for the live film soundtrack band Minima

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