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Live Sound

Providing a great live sound for a band and audience is the most satisfying thing.

Pukka PA Hire use sound equipment capable of providing all the punchy low and sparkling high frequencies where music speaks to an audience.
Your show could be in a hall, pub, theatre, nightclub or at a festival – we’ll tailor our equipment to the venue and the style of music.  We’ll keep things moving smoothly from get-in through until the end of the event.

We relish working with bands to provide an environment where transmitting your performance to an audience is a joy. Soundchecks with us are friendly and efficient while taking care of your live sound in a personal way.
We like getting to know artists’ stage preferences and tastes.  Saving our acts’ mixes from show to show, we build your live sound and refine the essentials each gig. Our ears are on the details and we enjoy the challenge of placing your sound in tonight’s venue with all its possible challenges.

We’ll give you style-appropriate sound. As a starting point, PA systems and microphones tend to sound like rock music. In the hands of an experienced engineer we believe live music should faithfully represent its style.  In the case of dance music or rock, it’s great to move a lot of air so you can ‘feel the bass’ (a decent system will do this by default).  We’ll filter the live sound of more acoustic styles to keep it sounding natural and full through the PA.

To book a system call 07970 281952 or email:

Live Band PA Equipment

 We can receive up to 30 channels and provide bands with up to nine mixes on stage.
Let us know if you require in ear monitors rather than our Tannoy T12 stage monitors.
Staging can also be provided.
If you require any items you don’t see here please just ask and we will do our best to arrange it as part of your hire.


Shure SM58 • Sennheisser e945 • AKG D40 • AKG D112 • Shure Beta 91 • Sennheisser e606 • Sennheisser e604 • Electrovoice RE-20 • Electrovoice ND767a • Electrovoice ND46 •  Beyerdynamic M201 • Beyerdynamic M88 • AKG D440 • AKG C451 • AKG C414 • Calrec CM1050 • AKG D224E • Line Audio CM3


Allen and Heath QU24 / Qu Pac / Mix Wizard


HK Audio L5 LTS-As and L Sub 4000-As.  Check out the spec of these speakers here


Tannoy T12s / HK Audio L112XAs / HK Audio Pro 15 Xs / HK Audio Pro 15Xs / QSC E110s

Some of our gear just happens to feature as the FOH for the live film soundtrack band Minima

 Call 07970 281952 or email

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