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Wedding PA Hire

PA system hire for weddings forms a major part of our business and we enjoy facilitating the sound running smoothly at these important occasions. Your wedding ceremony, reception and dance may all need some kind of amplification. We will tailor the equipment to your needs right down to neat and tidy cabling.

Advance planning is the key and we’re very happy to communicate with all concerned to ensure all aspects are catered for. Please do put us in touch directly with your wedding planner, best man, wedding venue or marquee supplier. We will then fine tune how our equipment interfaces with your event. If there is a wedding band you’re very welcome to put us directly in touch with them so we know exactly what we’ll be plugging in on the day. Also if you’re still considering what live music to include we can recommend some acts for you. If your venue requires documents such as PLI and Pat certificates we will liaise and forward these.

Generally we set up equipment either the morning of the wedding or the day before. (This usually depends on the requirements of the wedding venue). We much prefer doing this before guests arrive. Sometimes for the live music slot it’s necessary to put the performance rig together directly after the wedding breakfast. In this case we’ll be ultra efficient and work around everyone’s needs.

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PA Systems

There are three kinds of systems we supply for weddings.

Announcement PA – Suitable for background music, announcements and speeches. This might include just a pair of speakers with amp and small mixer. We can place further speakers equidistant around the room if your venue is large.

Party PA System – Suitable for dance-level music. Includes a pair of speakers and subs and a small mixer for connection to your playlist device. If you have a DJ and they require them, digital or vinyl decks can be supplied.

Live Music PA System – As above but adding a live mixing console, stage monitors, microphones and everything required to hook up the band.

If the whole event is taking place in once space generally we’ll look at which one of these you need from the programme you have and then run the whole day through this PA. Sometimes weddings require sound systems in different locations. This is all possible – just let us know the shape of your day.

We are happy to operate the playlist on the day for ceremony, first dance and background music. You can either share your Spotify playlist with us beforehand (we generally convert this to Tidal to get the best quality sound) or just plug in your device on the day.

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